Wela gets new website, Benjamin gets new look.

Hey Benjamin, did you get a new site?
Hey Benjamin, how much will I need to retire?
Hey Benjamin, can you tell me how the new tax plan will affect me?
Hey Benjamin, what's my Daily Spend limit for today?
Hey Benjamin, how much should I save for an emergency?
Hey Benjamin,can you help me plan for a trip to Europe next year?
Yes I did. Thanks for noticing, what do you think about it? I can help with that.What age would you like to retire? Happy to help. To start, we'll need to figure out what tax bracket you're in. I've calculated your Daily Spend Limit to be $63 today. Have fun. A great rule of thumb is to have three month's worth of expenses saved for an emergency. I'd love to help. When's the big trip? Student loans are no fun. Let's get started on paying them down. How much are you currently paying? Yes I did. I even put on a new bowtie. Do you like it? Good question. I suggest saving 20% of each paycheck. Hey, welcome to my new site. What would you like to chat about? I'm glad you asked. Matt Reiner is the CEO of Wela, and also the person who created me.
Hey Benjamin, can you help me pay down my student loans faster?
Benjamin, Did you get a new look?
Hey Benjamin, how much should I be saving each paycheck?
Hey Benjamin
Hey Benjamin, who's Matt Reiner?

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