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Wela Strategies provides every client with a tailored, transparent, research-driven and easy-to-understand investment strategy. Our ETF models allow each investor to own a portfolio that targets their risk tolerance, time horizon or return expectation, while also working towards their investment goals.

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Our approach to investing is built on three solid and proven pillars.


Successful investment strategies are not based on hunches, guesses or knee-jerk reactions. Wela utilizes some of the top research data services to guide the investment decisions that are implemented into our client portfolios. Our proprietary system for analyzing intelligence from multiple sources results in sound investment decisions.


Wela Strategies Investment Committee has decades of investment experience. This panel analyzes, parses and debates the research findings before crafting Wela’s macro and micro market decisions, which drive the over-weighting and under-weighting biases in client portfolios.


Wela Strategies understands that money and investing are deeply personal issues. Investors want to know who exactly is responsible for their portfolio. That’s why Wela Strategies provides clients with a dedicated account executive who is available to answer questions and provide updates. Our goal is to give a more one-on-one experience with the client rather than just treating them like a number.

Own your age

The goal of the Own Your Age (OYA) portfolios is to allocate investors’ portfolios simply based on their current ages. The philosophy behind these portfolios is that as investors get closer to retirement, they should begin positioning their portfolios to a more conservative allocation. The more conservative the investor’s allocation, the higher the percentage of fixed income investments they should hold.

More conservative
Nearing retirement
OYA 60
OYA 30
I am years old. I'm looking to invest for
rapid growth
Rapid growth (risky) Balanced (moderate) Generating income (conservative)
my portfolio:
OYA 20

The OYA 30 composite includes all portfolios that are looking for a diversified approach to capital appreciation. The composite focuses on making strategic shifts within allocations based on macro- and momentum- based factors. The composite invests solely into ETFs. The composite is geared towards individuals with a high tolerance for risk.


 Past performance is no indication of future performance. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal. The only guarantee that can be offered is that the market will fluctuate and there may be periods of negative returns. Furthermore, the account values will fluctuate and a client’s portfolio may be more or less than their original invested value. The investments in the portfolios are not FDIC insurance, may lose value and are not guaranteed by a bank or other financial institution. Further, the information contained in this report should not be relied upon for tax purposes. Performance results are based on actual managed accounts and are reflected gross and net of fees.  Depending on the account selected preferences, performance may or not reflect the investment of dividends and capital gains.
Additionally, the SEC in their no action letters permitting advertising of performance requires  disclosures  when “comparing the results to an index without disclosing all material factors relevant to the comparison.”  Disclosure needs to be added explaining why the selected index was selected and is a reasonable index to use to compare against the performance results.  Additionally, it is suggested the following disclosure be added. References to market or composite indices, benchmarks or other measures of relative market performance over a specified period of time are provided for your information only. Reference to an index does not imply that the XYZ portfolio will achieve returns, volatility or other results similar to the index. The composition of a benchmark index may not reflect the manner in which a XYZ portfolio is constructed in relation to expected or achieved returns, investment holdings, portfolio guidelines, restrictions, sectors, correlations, concentrations, volatility or tracking error targets, all of which are subject to change over time.



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