Our Team

Eddie Goepp, CFP®

COO, Investment Advisor

Backed by 10+ years in the financial services industry, he’s been an invaluable resource

Walt Coury

Investment Advisor

Walt’s background focuses on developing financial plans for business owners, and growing

Aura Jimenez

Operations Coordinator

Aura is the operations coordinator at Wela Strategies. She oversees day to day operations

Matthew Lane

Investment Associate

Matt joined Wela Strategies two years ago and is committed to helping young families achie

Our Philosophy


We know that money and investing are deeply personal issues.We also know that you want to know exactly who is responsible for your portfolio. That’s why we provide a one-on-one experience with every client to treat them like an individual and not like a number.


Wela Strategies Investment Committee has decades of investment experience. The panel analyzes, parses and debates the research findings before crafting Wela’s macro and micro market decisions, which drive the over-weighting and under-weighting biases in client portfolios.


Wela utilizes the top research data services to guide the investment decisions that are implemented into our client portfolios. Our proprietary system for analyzing intelligence from multiple sources results in sound investment decisions.

Are you ready to take the right step for your financial future?

Own Your Age (OYA)

The goal of the OYA philosophy is to allocate your portfolio based on your current age. The concept behind this strategy is that as you get closer to retirement, you should begin positioning your portfolio to a more conservative allocation. In most cases, a more conservative allocation means a greater percentage of income focused investments.